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  • Two-piece anodized aluminum enclosures.

  • Gasket mounted design.

  • Anodized aluminum plate.

  • Gen One-65 PCB designed by Gen One. 

  • QMK compatible PCB. 

  • 7.0° slope.

  • 3 colors: silver, blue and red.


Built Weight

  • Base: 1.18 Kg (2.6 lbs.)

*Coming Soon*

Gen One-65

Introducing the first Gen One-65 Keyboard. Features a unique design precisely milled down from Aluminum then anodized in three different colors. Personalize the Gen One-65 with any Cherry MX compatible switches. 


** This is not a render. It is a physical product.**

Included Items​

  • 1 × Top Enclosure/ Anodized Aluminum

  • 1 × Base Enclosure / Anodized Aluminum  

  • 1 × Plate / Anodized Aluminum

  • 1 × Gen One-65 PCB

  • 8 × A2 Stainless Steel Screws - length 10mm

  • 1 × M1.5 Hex Wrench

Gen One-65 PCB

Designed by GEN ONE

Gen One- 65 PCB has a USB-C interface. 

PCB Front View.jpg

Aluminum Plate 

The Gen One-65 plate is black anodized aluminum. The plate is held in place by foam strips to provide an excellent typing experience.


** This is not a render. It is a physical product**




Kindly note that the photographs show a prototype build. The final product may change.

The colors may differ slightly in images. Keycaps, stabilizers, and switches are shown for demonstrative

purposes only and are not included with Eclipse.

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